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Episode 2
Ask the Editor Album

Ask the Editor AlbumPhoebe Jordan's Ask the Editor Episode 2 – January 8th, 2010 at 5PM to 6:30PM EST. Today I will be co-hosting with Jill Noble our second Ask the Editor episode which we hope will be very helpful for all the aspiring romance authors as well as published romance authors out there listening. The main topic of the show will be "How to Add Back-story to your Novel." Learn how to avoid the dreaded "info-dump." Tune in to receive tips and advice on how to insert important back-story information into your novel in a way that won't make an editor cringe! But don’t worry if you have any burning questions that you would like to ask Jill please don’t hesitate to call into the show and if possible she will answer your question as best as she can in the second half of the show which gives you all 30 minutes to ask your questions.